Affordable Custom Alloy Trays

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Aluminium Canopies, Brisbane, Sunshine coast


Having humble beginnings welding office furniture for a major player in Queensland and moving on to the production of cattle handling equipment for the largest supplier in Australia, we know how to produce a solid quality product that will last most vehicles lifetimes.


After shopping around for an alloy tray for my own new vehicle, I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to have to pay more for things, I figured, should be included.


I was fed up being told "NO that's how we do them" or "NO that's a special build" often taking up to 6 weeks and costing considerably more.


I decided to start producing my own Custom Alloy Trays with the features that I believe should be standard on Ute trays to suit your vehicle during work or play.


So check out our photos and you can decide for yourself knowing that we will build it How YOU want it.